Welcome to Immigration Design

This course seeks to bring design thinking to bear on the question of migration in the Western hemisphere. Students will be asked to think outside the existing and unimaginative frames of migration policy and invent a better system: what would migration look like if we redesigned it with humane, creative and imaginative design solutions? How could the aims of environmental sustainability and responsiveness to climate change, economic prosperity, human development and other kinds of flourishing be promoted rather than truncated by migration policies? What would a nonviolent migration policy look like? What if migration policy were premised on the notion that mobility is constant, expected and ethically correct rather than a threat, an invasion or a violation?

The course will be structured around a student-driven culminating design project. Coursework will include training in design principles and academic research on migration. Guest speakers will include artists, activists and advocates who work on migration, policies and design systems from different angles.